Super Star RTX SS-7900 programmabile 10mt, AM-FM-SSB


Super Star RTX SS-7900 programmabile 10mt, AM-FM-SSB

Big display LCD

- Displaying frequency or channel

- Viewing the modulation mode

- Indicator signal reception and transmission

- SWR level indicator

- Microphone jack on front panel with up / down channels

- Automatic squelch (AM/FM) ASC - Adjustable power AM / FM / SSB


- Function Dual watch

- Emergency Channel

- Function + 10Khz

- Function Echo

- Clarifier

- Function offset

- CTCSS/DCS encoder/decoder (included original ) 38 CTCSS-104DCS

- Roger Beep Function

- Beep function keys

- NB Filter / HI-CUT

- Keypad lock - RF GAIN


- SWR protection

- Function monitoring

Brand CRT
Introduction Apparato decametrico dalle grandi potenzialità di utilizzo. La potenza regolabile, le diverse modulazioni AM/FM/SSB, i toni CTCSS e DCS, e la possibilità di programmazione da PC, ne fanno un apparato in grado di soddisfare anche gli operatori più esigenti. This is a decametric device having a great potential for usage. It is able to satisfy the most demanding operator thanks to the adjustable power, the different modulations AM / FM / SSB, CTCSS and DCS tones, and the possibility of programming from the PC.
Type 10 Meter Amateur Transceiver
Frequency TX MHz 28 - 29,700
Frequency RX MHz 28 - 29,700
Step 100Hz - 1kHz - 10kHz - 100kHz - 1MHz
Operating mode AM- FM - USB - LSB
Output power AM 12W (with modulation) / FM 30W / SSB 30W (PEP)
Dimensions mm WxHxD 200x60x280
Weight 1500gr


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