MFJ-931  ARTIFICIAL GROUND, 1.8 MHZ TO 30 MHZ, 300 W Crea una soluzione in mancanza della presa diterra nel tuo shack. Trasforma il tuo attuale sistema in un quasi perfetto sistema di terra.Anche se non e' disponibile nessuna presa di massa ! Utile per il BCI/TVI o con 'hot' chassis. Utile quando il tuo shack ha una connessione molto lunga alla presa di terra. L' MFJ-931 e' installato tra il tuo rig e la terra e accordato per la massima corrente di terra sulla frequenza operativa .Range di frequenza da 1.8 a 30MHz, dimensioni 18 x 18 x 8cm.   second floor or higher with no earth ground possible! It electrically places far away RF ground at your rig. Hows your RF ground? Do you have RF "hot spots" that "bite" you when you transmit? Do you have RF feedback that causes your rig to quit working on some bands? Do you have TVI/RFI that makes your neighbors hard to live with? Do you get weak signal reports because of extreme ground losses or radiation pattern distortion? These problems could be caused by poor RF grounding, especially if your rig is on a second floor with no ground at all. Even if you have a good ground, a long connection wire can ruin its effectiveness by isolating a true RF ground from your rig. MFJ-931 creates an artificial RF ground! It resonates a random length of wire thrown along the floor and produces a tuned counterpoise. This ground effectively places your rig near actual earth ground potential even if your rig is on the second floor or higher with no earth ground possible. Also, the MFJ-931 electrically places a far away RF ground directly at your rig -- no matter how far away it is. It reduces the electrical length of the ground connection wire to virtually zero by tuning out its reactance. The MFJ-931 connects between your rig and a random length of wire or a connecting ground wire. Its tuned for maximum ground current using the built-in RF ammeter. The MFJ-931 Artificial RF Ground covers 1.8 - 30 MHz and measures a compact 7.5W x 3.5H x 7D inches

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  • Model: MFJ-931
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  • Manufactured by: MFJ

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